ROASHANA Studios is one of the leading visual effects, animation, color grading, and film post-production studios based in Tehran, Iran. With a handful of highly acclaimed films from Iranian top directors, ROASHANA has been providing a full suite of post-production services including editing, sound design, visual effects, color grading, and film restoration.

For "Time travel" movie. Special technical and artistic achievement in a fantasy movie.

- Isfahan Children Film Festival

For "Greetings to the Angels" visual effects and animation

- 30th Fajr Film Festival

For the short animated film "Iranian Chat"

- Tehran International Animation Festival

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As an award-winning and artist-driven international visual effects studio known for its creativity, we service high-end feature film, commercial, television, and motion graphics clients in the global marketplace.

With a handful of awards won for our short animations and tv series, our team specializes in developing memorable distinctive character design and story, which are the most powerful ingredients that engage an audience.

Color correction services for commercials, music videos, short and feature films. Our other services include file transcoding, digital dailies, and workflow consulting. Creative artistry and technical excellence all in one place.

A full-service company that provides comprehensive solutions to scanning, digitizing and restoring 35mm film and videotapes, for preservation, archiving and mastering.

Our Story

Our passion for film and animation comes across through our award-winning work. We love collaborating with directors and production teams to form partnerships resulting in projects that look and sound beautiful. And with our expertise in emerging technologies, such as 4K workflows and HDR grading, we are in a position of providing the most creative and technically advanced services possible.

Why Work With Us

Specialising in animation, VFX, color grading and digital intermediate, sound, and workflow management, we provide a warm, welcoming environment for clients, retaining the highest technical quality and state-of-the-art resources. With animation, vfx and film restoration teams, color grading suits, sound and editing studios, and a high-end screening room.

Join the Team

At ROASHANA we pride ourselves on not only our outstanding facilities but also on our outstanding people who make ROASHANA a very special place to work. Drop us a line if you want to be a part of the family.

  1. ROASHANA Studios

    The journey begins...

    We started as a small company in 2002, making animations and commercials. Our first animated short movie Iranian Chat, written and directed by Amir Saharkhiz, won the Special Jury Award in Tehran International Animation Festival and the Golden Prize for Best Animation in Iranian Cinema Academy, earning two more nominations as Best Script and Best Experimental movie.

  2. Leila's Dream

    Entering the Visual Effects Industry

    ROASHANA Studios, won the award for Best Visual Effects, at the Iranian Cinema Academy Awards for its artistic achievement in creating a mysterious and melancholic environment on Leila’s Dream, a horror movie directed by Mehrdad Mirfallah.

  3. About Elly

    Exploring new horizons

    Within just two years after ROASHANA Studios moved to a new location and expanded its services, the studio started to become a favorite between the new wave Iranian directors. Asghar Farhadi’s About Elly was among the first movies that utilized ROASHANA’s visual effects services and was a major hit, winning Berlin International Film Festival’s Silver Bear and many more.

  4. Mokhtarnameh

    A Big Milestone in TV Productions

    Mokhtarnameh, directed by Davood Mirbaghery, is the biggest epic/history television series ever produced in Asia continent and ROASHANA Studios was responsible for providing the visual effects which consisted of more than 4000 shots and 800 minutes. Mokhtarnameh is still a favorite between audiences and gets some screening from time to time.

  5. A Separation

    Iran's first Oscar

    It was 4:00 AM on February 26, 2012, in Iran, but no one was asleep! It was a very historic moment in Iran when A Separation directed by Asghar Farhadi won the first Academy Award for Iran in the Best Foreign Language Film category. ROASHANA Studios was responsible for providing the visual effects shots of the movie which was also nominated for Best Screenplay.

  6. Greetings to the Angels

    Crystal Simorgh

    Creating mischievous mice that occupy the whole city, a flying messenger with a motorcycle, a dead grandpa who is haunting the whole family and the good and evil angels in Greetings to the Angels, earned ROASHANA Studios a Crystal Simorgh and Golden Butterfly award in Best Visual Effects category.

  7. Time Travel

    More Magic...

    For the second consecutive year, ROASHANA Studios won the Golden Butterfly Award for Best Artistic Achievement in Isfahan Children Film Festival. Time Travel, directed by Amir Shahab Razavian, tells the story of a boy who to change his future, needs to change his father’s past.

  8. The Lovers' Wind

    Polishing the Gem...

    ROASHANA Studios was responsible for the digital restoration of The Lovers’ Wind, directed by Albert Lamorisse. After a time consuming, frame-accurate process of refining the details and removing the artifacts in this masterpiece, the whole movie passed a precise color grading process which restored the masterpiece to its original state.

  9. today

    Moving forward

    Today ROASHANA Studios is one of the leading visual effects, animation, color grading, and film post-production studios based in Tehran, Iran and has been expanding his territory of services to the Middle East, Africa, and Europe and looking forward to more fruitful collaborations around the world.

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Our studio was founded based on this belief that creative artistry and technical excellence should work hand-in-hand. These are some of the creative forces in ROASHANA Studios.

Kamran Saharkhiz


Amir Saharkhiz

Animation Director

Farbod Jalali

Senior Colorist

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